5th December 2018

Last posting dates for Christmas 2018

With Christmas less than three weeks away there's not much time left to get those last minute gifts for family and friends home or away.

The last posting dates from Royal Mail are fast approaching. Here are their final recommended posting dates for the festive period;

Let us help you get your gifts to loved ones in time for Christmas!

21st September 2018

5 Things you probably didn't know about Tea!

5 Things you probably didn't know about Tea!

 Another week is almost complete and all orders for this week have been despatched. It’s not quite a 'feet up, cuppa tea moment' but it's definitely time for a tea! Tea reminds us to slow down, to focus and can help stimulate creativity. My 'panad' as we call it in welsh is certainly helping me to unwind after a hectic week!

How clued up are you about Tea? Do you have a favourite mug and a favourite type of tea? Become a Tea guru with these Tea facts;

1. All tea comes from the same plant.

Whether black tea, white tea, oolong tea, green tea, or pu-erh tea, it all comes from the camellia sinensis plant. Oxidation, processing, and other factors give these types their distinctive colours and flavours. Other so-called teas, such as herbal (chamomile, peppermint, etc.), mate, and rooibos (also known as “red tea”) are more correctly called tisanes.

2. Afternoon Tea.
The tradition of having afternoon tea, or “high tea,” is thought to have been popularised by Anna, 7th Duchess of Bedford, a friend of Queen Victoria. It was meant to be a substantial snack between the morning meal and the evening meal—with a side of gossip. (Check out our lush, lavish Afternoon Tea menu here;

3. Tea is the second most popular drink worldwide, after water.
Whilst some may favour coffee, tea is still the most common drink worldwide, second only to water.

4. Tea has more caffeine than coffee.
Pound per pound, tea leaves contain more caffeine than coffee. However, we use much less tea to make a cup of tea than to make a cup of coffee, so the overall caffeine content in a cup of tea is usually less than in a cup of coffee.

5. Tea Bags. 

The United States invented tea bags in 1904 - by accident! An American tea merchant used silk bags to send samples to his customers. The customers mistakenly thought the bags were meant to replace traditional metal infusers, and placed them whole inside their pots.

You may not quite me a tea master yet, but if you've got this far reading, you're as intrigued as we are about Tea!

13th September 2018

Ssshhh... Christmas!

So we've neglected this section of the website as we've been rather busy here preparing for Festival Number 6 which happened over the weekend, and what a weekend to remember. It was truly magical and really was a 'Festival Like No Other'. We are rather sad that we won't be hosting the Festival here next year. 

As the Village continues its clean-up operation, we here at PortmeirionONLINE are getting festive and talking Christmas! Our Christmas orders are coming into the warehouse now and will be available next month online.

Some of you may think it's hard thinking about Christmas right now, but it's time to start working on your Christmas budget. As children start writing their Christmas lists, so too, should we.  Start Christmas planning now, and you'll reap the benefits come December. Have you started thinking about your Christmas budget yet? Is anyone else terrible at coming up with gift ideas? Hopefully we'll be able to give you affordable gift idea's for the family, friends and co-workers. We'll help with every step of the way with your prep, you can thank us later! Happy Christmas!

21st August 2018

5 of the best Skincare Products

Some of you may still be basking in this year’s summer heatwave, whilst others will be back in their winter wardrobe warmers. Here in Portmeirion, the weather has changed, the temperature dropped and a smell of autumn is in the air.

Is our summer over or are we expecting another mini heatwave next month as predicted by the weatherman?

Either way, the change in the weather can take its toll on your skin, so now is a great time to give your skin a much needed pick me up.

We've picked PortmeirionOnline's best-selling beauty products that may help you get that happier, brighter, glowing skin!

 Skincare Tips Blog

1. L'Occitane Immortelle Precious Cleansing Foam

This Facial cleansing foam is great for cleansing the skin, leaving it fresh. It works hard to remove make-up and impurities without drying out the skin. 


2. Farmers' Scrub 75ml

An absolute must have exfoliant for the skin and one of my personal favourites. FARMERS’ SCRUB is a refreshing and exotic blend of our own lavender essential oil plus oils of geranium, frankincense, ylang ylang and frangipani in an exceptionally mild, cleansing, triple-whipped creamy base.  Made of all natural ingredients from locally grown lavender, what’s not to love about this?!


3. L'Occitane Shea Ultra Rich Comforting Face Cream

A great moisturiser can help prevent as well as treat dry skin. It can help to protect sensitive skin, improve skin tone and texture. This ultra-rich comforting Cream for dry skin does just this! It’s formulated with a high concentration of shea butter for exceptional skin hydration. This cream is enriched with Shea Butter, omega 6 & Karitene. Dermatologically tested so great for sensitive skin.


4. Cath Kidston Posy Bunch Hand Cream Trio

We sure do put our hands through so much everyday, resulting in dry chapped skin. This handy little trio of hand creams  by Cath Kidtson is just the treat for thirsty hands. The formulation contains moisturising vitamin E and glycerin, and each travel-friendly 30ml tube features a different fresh floral design. Kind enough for the whole family. 


5. Heath Hair & Body Wash for Men

Not forgetting that skincare is just as important for men as it is for women, we here love the Heath London range of skincare for men.  This hair and body wash contains Caffeine & Ginseng extract to energise and cleanse. A perfect all over cleanser that can be taken anywhere!

8th August 2018

Full swing Picnic Season!

Full swing Picnic Season!

We're currently having the hottest summer on record with North Wales regularly featuring on TV as being the hottest place in Britain! Now is never a better time to make the most of al fresco dining and eating outdoors!

Portmeirion Village Shop and Portmeirion Online has everything you need to create the perfect Picnic, including the location ;)

We've put together some must haves to help you create an epic picnic;

1. Hydration

Remember to stay hydrated whilst outdoors in the sunshine. An easy way to do this is to take a good stock of water with you and some refreshing drinks in re-usable bottles, such as the Beau & Elliot Hydration Bottle, or a beautiful Sara Miller Water Bottle. Reusable bottles are hugely important in helping to avoid single use plastic and reduce waste.

2 Food Storage

Wrap your food well when preparing for a picnic. Bee's Sandwich wraps are perfect for wrapping sandwiches and picnic goodies, and are fully re-usable. It’s easy. Simply wash with cool water and soap, hang to dry and repeat.  If you're looking for something a little more rigid, to stop squashing your sandwiches, opt for an insulated sandwich box, available in various colourways.

3. Picnic Blanket/ Rug

Comfort is a must whilst lounging outside for hours. Anorak have launched super cute animal inspired outdoor blankets which feature a waterproof backing and useful carry handle.

4. Location 

Of course we're going to be bias about this one, but you couldn’t get a better location that Portmeirion Village, with its idyllic gardens and coastal paths, picnicking here is simply heaven. 

Top tip today, soak up the glorious summer whilst it lasts!