Boella & Sorrisi Baby Pandoro 80g

Boella & Sorrisi Baby Pandoro 80g

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From the ancient art of pastry making comes Boella & Sorrisi's butter-rich classic pandoro.

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Boella & Sorrisi Baby Pandoro 80g


The classic traditional Christmas dessert that cannot be missed on the holiday table . In our pandoro recipe, eggs, flour, butter and milk come together to create a leavened cake that is as soft as a cloud, mouthwatering and rich, to be enjoyed under a layer of the finest powdered sugar.

A refined and digestible cake with a slow natural leavening, made only with genuine ingredients and crafted with skill and passion.

Ingredients: Wheat flour-fresh eggs (free-range )-sugar-butter-milk-natural yeast ( wheat flour, water)-emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids-natural vanilla flavor-cocoa butter.
May contain nuts and soy.
Store in a cool, dry place.