Sams Study DIY Model Kit

Sams Study DIY Model Kit

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Product Description

This ultra-realistic DIY room kit features exquisite details that only the adult hobbyist will appreciate.

You assemble the ‘bones’ of the room and then fill your study with a lifetime’s worth of collectibles: tiny wood books, framed art & photographs, furniture and much more.

  • There are even two LED lamps to illuminate your collection! Or re-arrange to convert into your favorite local book shop around the corner!
  • Featuring 221 pieces, the assembled room measures 8.8” x 7.2” x 7.4”.
  • For ages 14+.

This kit is high quality we used everything in it no need to buy anything else to build. This unfurnished kit of a study will take approximately 20 hours to assemble and finish. Step-by-step instructions with detailed drawings are included