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Aerolatte 5 Cup Cafetiere 600mlAerolatte 5 Cup Cafetiere 600ml
Aerolatte 5 Cup Cafetiere 600ml
The aerolatte® French Press Cafetiere applies a contemporary design in a traditional manner. This simple, hands-on experience of making coffee provides a fantastic flavour and delivers a rich, aromatic coffee. • Dishwasher safe glass beaker • Secondary micro filter in the spout prevents grinds from entering your cup. • Features a distinctive measuring gauge to ensure the correct...
Cafe Porcellana
Cafe Porcellana
Elegant evolution of traditional Italian-style stovetop espresso makers/moka pots Boasts a unique split design that allows the base and pot to be separated for ease of serving Suitable for all stovetops (except induction) Produces 4 espresso servings Base is constructed from high-grade, enamelled aluminium Pot is made from premium-quality porcelain that is dishwasher safe A medium to fine grind...