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Cabbages & Roses

As a small business, Cabbages & Roses is continuously adapting and changing. We are finding our tiny independent feet in a big, tumultuous, unpredictable world. 

For us to navigate this world, we find ourselves revisiting our roots to seek out the right path. We are fortunate to have nearly two decades of foundations to call upon. We are especially lucky as our founder is also our Creative Director and our guiding hand.   

Cabbages & Roses will always be an anomaly. We are a business but we find commercialism uncomfortable. We are growing but we want to remain unique and a secret. We want to make affordable and inclusive collections but we don't want to compromise on our manufacturing or the provenance of what we sell.  

We have 14 very talented & hardworking Cabbage Roses. Many of us have only known Cabbages & Roses as a workplace so we do not operate in the same way most other retailers operate.

We are designers, producers and occasionally innovators. We design, make and sell fabric and clothes which could not be more different in their approach to production, selling and business operations.

We see a lifestyle, not a brand. We never seem to take the easy path. We want to take the best path we can. We have some ideas, some of which are happening, some are about to happen. In order to safely navigate the rough waters of industry, we will continue to rely on you to support us. To look beautiful in our clothes, to dress your houses with our magnificent fabrics, to spread the word that there are some companies that are paving the way to a gentler, kinder world, which are less about excess and more about living life beautifully.

Cabbages & Roses was founded by ex Vogue girl Christina Strutt in 2000. It is an independent, family run business based in Somerset which specialises in British made fashion, printed fabrics and lifestyle goods for the home.

The company was created to fulfil the need for something beautiful and practical to be incorporated into everyday living. The collections are unique, renowned for their British eccentricity and their focus on cosy, generous living.    

Our customers are multi generational and we cater to a diverse section of age groups and budgets in our collections.    

Our founders feel that there is a need for unfussy design in the world, a need for a shop where mothers can take their daughters and both could leave the store with something to keep and cherish. A brand you can return to, no matter what your age.


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Cabbages & Roses Floral Embroidery Feather Filled Cushion White
Cabbages & Roses Floral Embroidery Feather Filled Cushion White
A true vintage embroidery woven feather filled cushion by Cabbages & Rose. With fine detail and a piped edge this cushion is fresh and timeless. Size: 45 x 45cm Care: Dry Clean Only