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Calming Eye Pillow Chamomile & JasmineCalming Eye Pillow Chamomile & Jasmine
Calming Eye Pillow Chamomile & Jasmine
Take a moment of deep relaxation with this heatable eye pillow. The soothing heat of the inner warming bag will help to calm your mind, soothe strained or dry eyes and release any facial tensions. Our eye pillows come with a removable cover and a flaxseed filling which has been fragranced with Chamomile and Jasmine essential help calm and relax the mind.
Danielle Creations Cucumber Steam Eye Masks 5pc
Danielle Creations Cucumber Steam Eye Masks 5pc
Danielle Creations Cucumber Steam Eye Masks 5pc Soothe and relax tired, strained eyes with this Cucumber Steam Eye Mask. Designed to hug the contours of your face, this mask provides instant warmth to help relieve tension, while the calming Cucumber fragrance relaxes the mind.Directions:Remove eye mask from pouch then carefully tare along the perforated lines and unfold ear straps.Place the mask...

Myrtle Woods Feel Fabulous Kit
Myrtle Woods Feel Fabulous Kit
Discover a refreshing super-boost for your skin. Our bio-cellulose sheet masks drench the complexion with moisture-boosting serum packed with 11 skin-conditioning actives, 5 herbs and 5 water-retaining actives. Our sheet masks act like a fresh, cooling, high-energy drink for your skin. Reviewed under independent test conditions, our high-in-actives formula delivers proven results. Tried and tested...