4ft Giant Cloudbuster Rover Balloon

The Prisoner 4ft Giant Cloudbuster Rover Balloon

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Product Description

An iconic 4' replica Rover balloon from The Prisoner TV series

 Rover was one of the many strong icons of the cult TV series The Prisoner, and an integral part of how 'prisoners' were kept within the The Village.

Rover was depicted as a large white inflatable ball / balloon, not quite fully inflated, with a flexible skin. This product is a true replica of the original Rover Balloon seen in the series.

Rover possessed considerable strength, and was able to incapacitate people either by blunt force or through suffocation by pinning the subject down.

  • Diameter: 122cm (4')



  • Cloudbuster Chloroprene Balloon
  • Colour: White
  • Recommended Helium Lift: 1.5lbs
  • Maximum Helium Lift: 1.7lbs

Customer Reviews

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"It is exactly what it is advertised to be: a large, off-white balloon that requires a LOT of helium to make it float even slightly above ground. The balloon itself is well made, but be aware that it might lack a certain "bounce" unless you can afford to fill it with helium."
Star Rating 4