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The Round House: Portmeirion Village Collection
  • The Round House: Portmeirion Village Collection 
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The Roundhouse Model from the Portmeirion Village Collection

A miniature handcrafted sculpture of the Portmeirion building known as the Round House, from the Portmeirion Village Collection.

The Round House was built in 1960 completing the Battery Square area of the village. In 1966 Patrick McGoohan's The Prisoner television series used the Round House as Number Six's residence, although all interiors were actually filmed at the Metro Goldwyn mayer studios.

The Round House is of course far too small to accommodate the spacious lounge, bedroom and kitchen it appears to have in the series, which can come as quite a surprise to visitors who know the place only through "The Prisoner"!

The building now houses a Prisoner shop and information centre.