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Rose Fulbright
Rose Fulbright is a refined British lifestyle brand specialising in loungewear, beach wear and lingerie designs characterised by elegance, individuality and luxury. Rose is the latest generation in her family to pioneer entrepreneurship through art and design. She is the great grand-daughter of Sir Clough Williams-Ellis. Growing up, Rose spent family weekends at Portmeirion, and fell in love with the meandering forests and gardens, the coastal walks and the elegant buildings. Rose has been particularly inspired by her grandmother, Susan Clough Ellis' artistic work sketching fish from life using tracing paper and crayons. - growing up she vividly remembers visiting Susan's studio, and was always enamoured with the fish paintings lining the walls. This inspired Rose to launch The Tropical Collection, a collection of silk loungewear featuring an exclusive print made by Rose, using the very fish that Susan painted. In a collaboration between artistic generations, Rose created her brand's first signature print. All garments are hand-made using the finest silks and unique, beautiful prints.
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